Martha Stewart, Hipster Queen?

If we were drawing up a profile of the world’s most passionate Martha Stewart fan, we probably wouldn’t include details like tattoos, punk rock and artisanal pickling.

Yet the reigning queen of domesticity seems to have acquired a few admirers on the underside of the pop culture spectrum—the number of under-34’s visiting her main website jumped 40% each month this year. A fascinating profile in this weekend’s The New York Times finds a slew of young(er) creative types living the post-collegiate dream in the East Village, all inspired by Stewart’s “emphasis on craftsmanship and perfectionism.”

Martha Stewart Living editor in chief Pilar Guzman is all over this newly discovered lifestyle trend, proclaiming his readership to be “the intersection between Colonial Williamsburg and Williamsburg, Brooklyn”. And our home borough does indeed appear to have birthed a few Stewart-themed “meet-up groups” for knitters, cooks and DIY interior decorators.

(Just to clarify: the fact that we live there doesn’t make us one of those people.)

The best part of the article includes multiple quotes from worldly 20-something fans who totally forgive Martha for her 2004 insider trading conviction, calling her “the Jesus of the craft world” and arguing that serving time in prison helped build her street cred and “cement her iconic image. Before, she was someone your mother would follow.”

OK then.

So is this for real? Well, a simple Google search already provided us with multiple Pinterest pages belonging to those proud to call themselves members of “Martha Stewart’s Punk Rock Minions” and other colorfully named sub-groups.

A trip back to the real world reminds us that Martha, while glad to accept the clicks of these extra-colorful young people, doesn’t quite run in the same social circles. Note her disapproval of the tattoo phenomenon:

“I don’t think they have to go quite that far. They could put embroidery on their jacket. They could silk-screen a T-shirt.”

So tell us—do we see a Martha Stewart re-branding in the works? Is this a real trend or just an excuse for the Times to write a cute lifestyle piece and get a few more hits than usual over the long weekend?

UPDATE: Buzzfeed just published a post titled “23 Ways Martha Stewart Is More Hipster Than You”. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, this meme has jumped the shark.