Marta Acosta Lands Print Deal After eBook Success


For Novelist Marta Acosta a free eBook was her way to print. After not getting a print deal, the novelist decided post her YA vampire title The Shadow Girl Of Birch Grove on Scribd. It became the #1 book on the site and got a bunch of reviews.

Galley Cat reports, “Novelist Marta Acosta posted her entire vampire novel for free on Scribd, earning 17,676 views and becoming the top ranked YA book on the site. Now she landed a deal with Tor Books.”

Acosta told io9 blog about why she turned to Scribd, “We hadn’t heard anything back and I was beginning to despair. That’s when I put the book online as a free read. I don’t know that having it on Scribd inspired the offer, but I was able to get reviews that were presented to the editor who expressed interest. Also showing her the number of reads made a difference.”

You can download the eBook for free here.