Marketers Rejoice: Twitter No Longer Counts Photos, GIFs, Videos Toward 140-Character Limit

Brands can say more with their tweets

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Good news, copywriters. Twitter is officially letting you be a little more verbose.

Starting today, the 140-character limit for tweets will only include text—as in letters, numbers, symbols or spaces. It's also letting you become a little more multimedia-happy. In the past, photos, GIFs, videos and polls counted against the 140 allotted characters, crunching one's ability to write. Now, Twitter users will be able to add such imagery without limiting the volume of their prose. 

The moves don't come as a huge surprise. In May, the company revealed that such changes were likely forthcoming. 

At any rate, with video and GIFs becoming increasingly important to the social channel, the developments make sense. Social media marketers, no doubt, will enjoy the extra freedom as they try to get their points across to potential customers. 

"With long-form content on the rise, businesses who can take advantage of Twitter's new offering stand poised to create deep, meaningful communities," said Rod Favaron, Spredfast CEO.

Additionally, Twitter is testing out saving users' tweet space by moving "@" Twitter handles outside of the tweet box. The feature, which can be seen on the right, will roll out slowly. 

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.