Marketers Aren’t Really into Pinterest (Yet)

We’ve all heard about the meteoric rise of Pinterest, the hottest new social network around. We’ve read stories about how it has revitalized entire industries and op-eds commanding every business to start a Pinterest account like, yesterday.

But are marketing and PR professionals listening? Apparently not: A survey developed by The Creative Group found that a whopping 44% of ad/marketing execs have “no current interest in using Pinterest for business purposes”; only 7% have accounts, and only 1 in 10 plan to get involved in the near future. (Here’s a handy infographic!)

Most tellingly, 18% are interested but wary, describing themselves as aware of the service but “still hesitant about using it for business purposes.” Why is this?

We understand why many businesses fail to see how Pinterest could benefit them directly. Like a standard Facebook profile, a Pinterest account will only work for your company if your social media managers remain active and, more importantly,interactive. But for agencies and marketing firms, the site presents an obvious forum in which to showcase past work–especially if that work is visually captivating.

PR pros: Does your company use Pinterest? Do you use it to promote your own professional work? Why or why not?

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