Just 9% Of Consumers Find Facebook, Twitter Valuable For Influencing Purchase Decisions [STUDY]

Social media has been heavily hyped as a platform for driving product information and intent to purchase, but a new study has (once again) revealed the disconnect between what marketers think has value, as opposed to how these mediums are rated by the end consumer.

In their report, The Marketer’s Playbook: Aligning market strategies with consumer expectations, x+1 and Research Now asked U.S. consumers how they value marketing channels for influencing purchase decisions, and discovered that email was favoured by 25 percent of respondents, finishing well ahead of personalised web experiences (16 percent).

Web ads finished third (10 percent), just ahead of Facebook and Twitter, which was cited as valuable for purchase decisions by just 9 percent of consumers. This contrasts sharply with the feedback provided by U.S. marketers, with more than four in ten (42 percent) bullish about social media’s influence on purchase power.

This disconnect in opinion wasn’t limited to Twitter and Facebook. Across the board, marketers rated all platforms sharply higher than consumers.

(Source: eMarketer. Facebook/Twitter image: clasesdeperiodismo via Flickr.)