Mark Zuckerberg Says The iPad Is Not Mobile

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg does not consider the iPad mobile. Steve Jobs would definitely disagree, as Apple’s tablet has been touted as the best new on-the-go entertainment device/eReader/computer since the iPhone.

Zuckerberg made the comment today at a Facebook mobile event, where Mashable Editor Ben Parr asked the social network founder when a Facebook app would be available for the iPad. This tweet explains: “@BenParr asks about iPad. Zuck: “iPad’s not mobile. Next question.” Parr: “I think Apple would disagree with you.” Zuck: “Well, sorry.”

But Facebook is probably not entirely writing off the iPad altogether. Mashable reports: “After a bit more back-and-forth between Zuckerberg and me, Tseng stepped in to explain that Facebook is still trying to figure out its approach and strategy for tablet devices. Because tablets are a new form factor, it requires a new approach. The real hint to Facebook’s iPad plans, though, is that Tseng focused on the form factor and not iOS. This could mean that Facebook’s looking to build an HTML5 version of its website optimized for tablets. At the very least, Facebook seems intent on keeping a consistent experience across all tablet devices.”

So it might be a while before you can share Amazon gift cards for eBooks on your Facebook page through an iPad app. But in the meantime, you can just use your browser.