Mark Zuckerberg Is the World’s Most Generous Man


That’s according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which just released its list of the 50 biggest givers in the world over the past year. This ranking does include a couple of qualifiers: Zuck’s donation came in the form of Facebook stock, and the $992 billion listed only went to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which is a very local organization.

Still, that’s quite a bit of theoretical money, and the listing solidifies Zuckerberg’s reputation as an all-around good guy (while mentioning his work with Startup: Education).

Now here’s a cool project: compare that list to the latest definitive ranking of the world’s richest people, aka the Forbes “Billionaires”. Not a whole lot of overlap beyond Michael Bloomberg and Sergey Brin. Some of this discrepancy comes from the fact that the Philanthropy list concerns new commitments rather than payments, so plenty of generous people didn’t score as highly as they might have in real-world terms. Still, let’s not forget this January study, which found that the world’s 85 wealthiest have as much as the poorest three billion members of our human race.

We’re not really into class warfare, but doesn’t this announcement make for an excellent call to CSR action?

Also: we attribute our surprise at Zuck’s win to Jesse Eisenberg, who was so perfectly unlikable in The Social Network.

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