Mark Zuckerberg at Web 2.0 Summit

If you haven’t already heard, Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed by John Battelle earlier today at the Web 2.0 Summit. Dean Takahashi liveblogged the interview. It sounded like a pretty tense interview as most of the large Zuckerberg interviews appear. Battelle inquired about Facebook’s rumored financing round and Zuckerberg responded that they are are “almost wrapped up.” There were some particularly revealing statements by Zuckerberg in his brief interview:

  • Look for Facebook to launch their own advertising offering in the coming months;
  • Facebook is looking to go public years down the road;
  • Facebook will more than double their workforce to more than 700 sometime next year; and
  • Facebook will launch a music service that is similar to MySpace

The tone of Takahashi’s article was particular intense. Much of the discussion at the conference has revolved around the New York Times post from this morning that suggested we may be in a second bubble. Let me say that this may be the largest fear of everyone in the industry and as such most will suggest that we aren’t. That discussion will be saved for another post on my personal blog at some point if I discuss it anytime soon.