Mark Ebner Flushes Out Eric Red’s Flack, Gets Paul Cullum Involved


Mark Ebner has a curious ability to stir up trouble without even trying. Posting on Hollywood Interruped about The Hitcher screenwriter Eric Red’s reaction to Paul Cullum’s LA Weekly piece about Red’s car crash, hospitalization, subsequent lawsuits, and screenplays, , he gets an email from Red’s publicist. Red’s mother-in-law’s a partner in Casey Sayre and Williams, which obviously comes in handy.

The publicist writes:

We speculate, for good reason, that Paul Cullum was paid (outside the LA Weekly) to write the story–he has been stalking Mr. Red for more than 20 years and the plaintiffs used that to their advantage knowing that Mr. Cullum would relish getting close to my client.

(Since when do publicists double as PIs? Just curious.)

Cullum replies:

As far as stalking him, in my one formal communication with him–a series of questions I submitted by e-mail–I mentioned that I thought I had met him in Austin in 1983, a fluke in that I briefly knew a woman he was dating.

And then it starts to get weird.