Marissa Mayer Defends Her Vogue Shoot

So Marissa Mayer‘s Vogue shoot raised quite a few eyebrows last month. Unfortunately, no one discussed anything she said in the accompanying interview—the questions that followed were all variations on “Is it appropriate for a female executive to appear in a fashion spread?”, with the web’s many master debaters wondering whether she’d somehow lost a bit of her dignity and/or credibility by doing so.

At an Ad Week forum yesterday, she had a chance to “explain” the shoot to Charlie Rose, who likes to interview many famous people when not guest-starring on Breaking Bad.

She reminded him that the famous shot above did not appear on the mag’s cover before describing how staffers gave her a choice of outfits (she chose the blue because she doesn’t wear black). Turns out the photographer encouraged her to lie down on the lounge because he wouldn’t stand for “prim ‘First Lady-like’ shots”, so it really wasn’t the big-name CEO equivalent of a “sexy selfie.”

When asked about those pesky gender issues, she replied “I really don’t feel it”, which is a more polite way of saying “Let me run my company and stop making a big freaking deal over the fact that I happen to be female, FFS”. When telling Rose why she never reads her own press coverage she said “I know who I am, I know what I like, and I have a clear view of what I want Yahoo to be.”

Not sure about you guys, but we like her a little more now.

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