Mario Teguh Has Facebook's 2nd Most Engaging Page

Jesus Daily's leading competitor this week is Mario Teguh, a prominent figure in Indonesia. While the page falls just short of the top spot, it does successfully land its highest ranking thus far.

Jesus Daily’s leading competitor this week is Mario Teguh, a prominent figure in Indonesia. While the page falls just short of the top spot, it does successfully land its highest ranking thus far. Fans are also chatting on a number of other pages around the globe, including a few very popular musicians.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily6,115,1711,713,143
2. Mario Teguh4,308,5341,066,399
3. The Bible7,738,6391,035,630
4. Justin Bieber31,993,916831,125
5. Lady Gaga39,336,157817,657
6. Necip Fazil Kisakurek1,179,947563,737
7. Rafael Nadal7,290,673493,486
8. MTV Roadies2,102,045487,607
9. Viva La Vita!683,893389,409
10. We are Khaled Said1,447,956381,636
11. Harry Potter27,356,628365,502
12. Linkin Park31,329,762357,796
13. ILoveAllah.com6,031,521342,394
14. Dios Es Bueno!3,891,443337,990
15. Educate Yourself1,487,119336,339
16. eN Kapak Nickler!1,216,821334,983
17. Beyonce24,808,015329,550
18. Jesus Christ2,751,989321,070
19. Tutto e di piu625,704297,926
20. Britney Spears12,209,735297,328


In the top spot for another seven days, Jesus Daily‘s fans let us know they have no intentions of letting the page falter, as the social bunch tallied 1,713,143 interactions – which is within itself an increase from the previous week. The Bible will call the third position home for a second week in a row with 1,035,630 commenters.

On the second half of the countdown, will advance three places to 13th with 342,394 new additions to the conversation. The Spanish God Is Good, Dios Es Bueno, is not far behind with a comparable 337,990 new posts. Jesus Christ will place in 18th with 321,070 talkative likers.


The responses to Mario Teguh‘s social networking home make the page a great success. This week, a 1,066,399 interaction total peaks the page at second place – its highest appearance as an engaging page.

In Turkey, Necip Fazil Kisakurek is once again a crowd favorite as 563,737 chattering social networkers help the page hold steady in sixth. Down a little further in 16th place, En Kapak Nickler‘s 334,983 new comments moves it forward three positions from last week.

Two Italian blogs have quite a few Facebook users buzzing. Viva La Vita‘s 389,409 fan contributions propel the page to ninth place. A similar concept is found on newcomer Tutto E Di Piu; the page sees a 19th place finish enticing 297,926 responses.

We Are Khaled Said‘s 381,636 interactions add up to a nine place jump up to the number ten spot. Educate Yourself takes three steps in the opposite direction; the Arabic page settles in 15th with 336,339 posters.


The race for first seems at least temporarily thwarted for Justin Bieber, but 831,125 new comments helps the young star take a comfortable fourth place finish. Not far behind, Lady Gaga‘s social media team has enticed engagement from 817,657 of her little monsters, for a fifth place finish.

With a song featured on the soundtrack of the new Transformers film, and they are currently in the midst of a world tour, Linkin Park returns to claim the 12th position with 357,796 interactions.

The conversing seems to be on a decline for Beyonce, who tumbles to 17th place with 329,550 interactions. Britney Spears sees an even larger decrease, as 297,328 posters leaves the pop star barely hanging on to 20th place.


Rafael Nadal continues to dominate on the tennis court and now our countdown; 493,486 partakers in the discussion move the player forward to seventh place.

Television And Movies

The television series “MTV Roadies” has been a steady contender on our list, and this week 487,607 viewers added to the conversation about the series – an eighth place finish. Diehard Harry Potter fans are gearing up for the upcoming final installment of the movie serial, and the hype can be seen on Facebook; 365,502 posts place the page in 11th place.

Readers, did you find yourself in the midst of any conversations on this week’s engaging pages?

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