Marina Abramovic Just Came Up Against Our Logistical Difficulties


Last night we spent seven hours (one break) watching Marina Abramovic do a cover of her own Lips of Thomas. And then, not to segue too abruptly, we remembered that for some reason entirely foreign to us, we agreed to a “breakfast meeting” this morning. So the full report will have to be TK.

But in the meantime, as a teaser, a letter to the Gray Lady from Tom Marioni, founder of the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco.

To the Editor:
Re “Self-Mutilation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery” by Randy Kennedy [Nov. 6] and Marina Abramovic’s failure to get permission from Chris Burden to perform his work: In the 1970’s I was in performance festivals in Europe with both artists, and they are both great artists. But I don’t blame Mr. Burden for refusing to even discuss with Ms. Abramovic having his work recreated. The performance art of the early 1970’s was concrete. We made one-time sculpture actions. If Mr. Burden’s work were recreated by another artist, it would be turned into theater, one artist playing the role of another.

Yeah. Think about that.