Margaret Atwood Counts $54,000+ in Pledges for New Project

Novelist Margaret Atwood and a team of developers are raising $85,000 to build Fanado–a mobile app that will allow passionate fans around the world to interact with their favorite artists. As of this writing, they counted $54,220 in pledges with 17 days left to raise funds.

For a $5,000 pledge, you can get your own channel on the new site. So far, House of Anansi, WattPad,, The Scotiabank Giller Prize, Random House (one in Canada and one in the U.S.) and Chapters Indigo have signed up for this option. Check it out:

At the halfway mark – three weeks in and with three weeks left, we are well more than halfway, with the help of over 200 funders! Thanks to all our supporters who purchased a Perk – WattFan Comix, The Byliner Bundle, ZombiesRun Chat, Fanado T-shirts, VIP Memberships, and more. We congratulate and welcome these new partners who will now own Fanado channels for the coming year – producing events, presenting artists, connecting creators and audiences. We have room for only nine more at this price; after August 1st the price of a Fanado Channel will go up!