Track Disease Trends On Twitter With Mappy Health

We told you before about a Twitter algorithm that predicts when you’ll likely get sick – and now we have a fun new way you can freak yourself out: tracking illnesses using Twitter.

@MappyHealth “mines twitter data looking for health term trends.”

We track disease terms and associated qualifiers to present these social trends. We have found that every term and condition trend tracked on our site has a band of “social noise”. This social noise is the everyday ebb and flow of tweets associated with a certain term. Spikes in volume and duration signal events that occur related to these terms. These events could be both positive and negative. MappyHealth seeks to foster awareness of these spikes through various mapping and analytical views.

Their real-time data (courtesy of Twitter’s API) tracks 223 terms, which are then analyzed against 26 condition sets and qualifier words – and trends emerge!

The site offers a ticker running across the page showing what’s happening right now:

The top conditions and locations:

And graphs allowing you to drill down by trend, condition or location so you can see just how dire the situation REALLY is:


It’s an agoraphobe’s nightmare come true. Check it out!

(Pandemic image from Shutterstock)