Map of Community Workspaces in NYC

When it comes to working from home, it’s hard to beat the relaxed dress code, the four-foot commute from your bed to your desk and, of course, having the freedom to sing the HOT POCKETS® jingle even if you are not currently eating a hot pocket. Unless it’s 99 degrees outside. In that case, it might be time to seek shelter in one of New York City’s shared (and climate-controlled) office spaces. A freelancer can have wifi access and a desk for a walk-in rate of $20 a day, while a small business might try a long-term membership with a private office and access to conference rooms and other amenities like fax machines, copiers and phones – all without signing a lease. To find a space near you, check out this map:

3rd Ward (1)
3rd Ward (2)
Brooklyn Creative League
City Space Suites (1)
City Space Suites(2)
Corporate Suites Business Centers
Green Spaces
Hive at 55
In Good Company
Micro Office (1)
Micro Office (2)
Micro Office(3)
New Work City
Select Office Suites (1)
Select Office Suites (2)
Studio Guild
Suite 200