'Man Vs. Food' Leads Facebook Explosive Pages

This week's list centers around a few popular television shows, a couple of fun options for the whole family, and who else but Charlie Sheen.

The start of the week means it is time to once again dive into our page statistics tool for another round-up of pages that have experienced explosive weekly growth totals. This week’s list centers around a few popular television shows, a couple of fun options for the whole family, and controversial public figures.

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.Travel Channel’s Man Vs. Food947,38186545,496
2. Intervention on A&E582,791169380,933
3. Rango374,0349,927312,333
4. Charlie Sheen409,08226,499205,135
5. Treasure Isle’s Diggers Anonymous332,76023,608173,068
6. Paranormal State on A&E532,313309126,973
7. 30 Day Song Challenge191,41121,091108,675
8. Build-A-Bear Workshop445,7631,090106,176
9. Deicide158,045322104,363
10. Michael Vick992,8154,27797,279

Travel Channel television show “Man Vs. Food” dominates the countdown this week, gaining 545,496 new fans with the help of the current promotion running on the page. An online casting call has fans submitting two minute videos explaining why host Adam Richman and crew should visit their specific town.

Continuing with the television theme, two A&E shows have had tremendous weeks on Facebook. “Intervention” is offering exclusive footage to fans helping the show see a 380,933 weekly growth increase; and 126,973 new visitors made the spooky “Paranormal State” a worthwhile choice as well.

Taking the family out for a day of fun? Our explosive page list this week offers a few popular suggestions. Johnny Depp’s latest animated film Rango recently opened, and the Facebook page had an additional 312,333 users chatting about the release. If you prefer the shopping route, Build-A-Bear Workshop‘s exclusive contests and promotions for fans on the social network has had a hand in the store seeing a 106,176 jump last week.

Meanwhile, Zynga’s hit game Treasure Isle’s Diggers Anonymous saw a notable leap this week on its official page; 173,068 gamers fanned the page.

In the world of music this week, an interesting 30 Day Song Challenge page asks peopleto post a specific type of song each day; 108,675 new participants joined the fun last week. Death metal band Deicide is updating a home on the social network from the road, and 104,363 fans clicked “like” over the past seven days.

We close out the list this week covering the ever-so-fun category of controversial public figures. In light of Charlie Sheen recent crazed rants, this Facebook page has exploded with chatteri; 205,135 people jumped into the discussion since last Monday. Michael Vick has made a comeback on the football field this past season, but many will say he has a ways to go to win back the affection of some of his fans; some 97,279 people users did give the Philadelphia quarterback an excellent week on the site.

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