Man Hires Assistant to Slap Him Into Productivity

Today in Random Day Before the Election News: This clever study in personal dedication broke a couple of weeks ago, and it’s already made its way around a good portion of the Internet. Still, we’d like to come back to it on a day characterized by irritation and anxiety for so many Americans–the day before an election that we’ve all heard WAY too much about for at least two years. Need proof? Think back to the time when Michelle Bachman and Donald Trump led the pack in certain polls. Yes, that did indeed happen.

Anyway, Maneesh Sethi is a San Francisco-based blogger who recently decided that his social media habits were affecting his productivity in a bad way. He knew that he spent far too much of his time scrolling through his Facebook feed, descending into the bottomless cavern that is Reddit or doing something even more useless like, say, reading about politics. He wanted to change his ways.

Of course, millions of people find themselves in Sethi’s position every day–but he chose a more creative way of addressing it than most. His unique approach makes sense considering the fact that his blog, Hack the System, is all about using “unconventional techniques to improve your productivity and your life“. So he placed an ad on Craigslist and hired an assistant to sit beside him while he worked and quite literally slap him in the face every time he clicked on Facebook.

Well, that wasn’t too dramatic, was it?

It was really just a cute PR stunt designed to get more attention for Sethi’s blog (and based on the second half of this video, we feel like he might just enjoy being slapped by women). Still, we can’t help but feel a little inspired by his effort.

After tomorrow, we almost certainly won’t need to hire a slap-happy assistant to prevent us from reading redundant stories about American politics. But we can already feel content about the 2016 election creeping up to help us waste far too much of our valuable time. We don’t have the wherewithal to follow Sethi’s lead exactly. But we’ve figured out an alternative approach. Whenever we feel like reading a story that almost certainly contains the phrase “Election 2016”, we will recall Sethi’s video and use the threat of a virtual slap to bring us back to the real world.

Will it work? Get back to us in four years.