Malala Yousafzai, Media Partners Push #StrongerThan Campaign

You may be aware that today is Malala Yousafzai Day; the tale of a bold young woman attacked by the Taliban for daring to educate herself is as relevant now as it was when it she was attacked in 2012.

Today saw the launch of a new PSA/social media campaign created by production house Bodega and promoted by Edelman. Here’s the video component, which first appeared on YouTube several days ago:

While the larger goal of Malala’s outreach efforts since her shooting has been to raise money and awareness for universal education for young women in the developing world, today she used her own celebrity and those of others to call for the return of the young women recently kidnapped in Nigeria.

How successful can a campaign like this one be?

Today brought word that Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan had agreed to speak with the families of the kidnapped girls after first meeting Malala.

The campaign also inspired supportive sentiments from some of Twitter’s biggest names.

At the same time, Malala continues to face skepticism in Pakistan. While today’s event earned plenty of media attention for both the campaign’s subject and Malala Fund CEO Shiza Shahid, its end results will be more difficult to quantify.