Making Glenn Beck Look Bad On Purpose

MEDIAite reports that the photographer whose picture of Glenn Beck graces the cover of the current issue of Time magazine says she purposely tried to make the darling of angry right-wingers look bad.

glennbeckcover_9-18b.JPGNoting that the photo used on Time‘s cover was from a shoot done last year by photographer Jill Greenberg, MEDIAite’s Steve Krakauer writes:

It’s an interesting choice. Greenberg is known for her liberal views – and she’s being very upfront about her use of this opportunity to take revenge on those who attacked her.

Greenberg brought up the cover on Twitter (she goes by the ironic handle @JillManipulator). Here’s her comment:

“exactly a year after my right wing attack, i am retouching one of my attackers for a magazine cover. leaving blemishes of course.”

It’s hard to understand why Time chose to use an old picture of Beck for its current cover in the first place, other than to save money. But it’s highly unlikely Greenberg had a say in which picture the magazine would use for its front. Also, if you watch the video of the photo shoot below, Beck willingly goes along with her suggestions that he make a series of extremely unflattering faces.

And while it’s doubtful that the man who describes himself as a “rodeo clown” is terribly bothered by the cover, his ardent supporters are sure to point to this as another example of liberal media bias. But certainly in the case of Greenberg, it’s hard to deny.

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