As Makeup-Savvy Amateurs Become Breakout Stars, L’Oréal Looks for the Next Big Name

Contest will award a 1-year contract

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

As Michelle Phan and others have proved, beauty vloggers are a lucrative resource for brands looking to find talent.

Today, L'Oréal Paris is launching "The Brush," its first global contest to find a makeup designer who will sign a one-year contract (a prize equivalent to 100,000 euros or about $116,000) with the brand. The winner will work with L'Oréal to create looks at shoots and beauty tutorials while also working with product development and representing the brand in press interviews.

The contest winner will also travel to the Cannes International Film Festival in May as part of the brand's sponsorship to design red carpet looks.

"We hope we have the opportunity to bring the women closer to this brand and their message they're trying to say [as] a makeup designer," said Malena Higuera, svp of marketing at L'Oréal Paris.

Digitally savvy beauty designers enter the contest by uploading a three-minute creative video that recreates a look on either themselves or someone else. L'Oréal Paris recommends that the look includes eyes, lips and foundation products while meshes up different colors.

The videos will be judged by a panel of beauty experts, including execs from L'Oréal Paris and YouTube content creators. Higuera stressed that her team is looking for someone who can make high-end looks accessible for everyday women.

"We really want to work with artists that, of course, can design at the haute couture level, but [also] bring it to real women in real life and help them design their own trends," Higuera said.

The contest runs through Feb. 15 when the judges will whittle down the entries to the best 50 videos for the public to vote on. On March 23, 12 winners (one from each country) will travel to Paris and attend a "beauty bootcamp" where they will learn more about the brand. The global winner will be announced on May 1.

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