Make Matches with Cute Critters in Anipop on Facebook

Anipop 650 2Happy Elements’ match-three puzzle game Anipop is currently featured on Facebook’s games portal, encouraging players to try some of the title’s 300+ levels. In Anipop, players help animals on their journey by making matches with them, one level at a time.

Each level of Anipop comes with different requirements and a move limit. Players make matches by swapping the location of two touching animals, and may be required to match large numbers of a specific kind of animal or clear ice blocks that rest under animals, among other tasks.

Making matches of four-or-more like animals creates bonus symbols, capable of clearing whole rows or columns of animals from the screen. Likewise, making a match in the shape of a T or L creates an animal that can detonate, clearing a large group of surrounding animals instantly.anipop 650 3Gamers have a set of power-ups at their disposal, like a hammer that removes one chosen symbol from the board, or the ability to “undo” the last move. Other examples include a power that simply adds extra moves to a level’s counter, and another that allows players to swap any two touching animals, even if they don’t make a match.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score, along with some coins. These coins, along with premium currency, are used to purchase power-ups. For social play, users can compare their scores against their friends’ scores on each level’s specific leaderboard.

Anipop is available to play for free on Facebook. A mobile version of the game is currently available in the Canadian App Store.