Make An App For Free With TheAppBuilder

How to get started using TheAppBuilder from TheAppBuilder on Vimeo.

Want to make an app, but don’t have the IT department or big budget to hire an agency? Tech company JamPot has a new tool that will help you do this called TheAppBuilder.

Using a web browser, the tool lets you build an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows app that feature basic presets such as a news feed, a photo gallery and links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once you have custom made your app, the app will send a prototype to your phone so you can test is out before you approve it. You can even use the tool to enter it into the various app markets including iTunes and the Android Market.

Fast Company has more detail about the apps: “They’re not web apps, not a clever HTML5 app-like experience–they’re genuine native apps, optimized for each platform’s particular foibles.”

The basic service is free, but you can pay more for additional features.