Magneto Killed JFK (According to This New X-Men Promo Campaign)

Well here’s a ballsy move: a new multimedia campaign to promote the upcoming X-Men sequel Days of Future Past gives us the GTFO headline “JFK and the mutant conspiracy” and a “trailer” explaining how bad guy Magneto was responsible for the President’s assassination 50 years ago last week:

The big-budget stunt plays off both the media coverage of the event’s anniversary and the conspiracy theories that a majority of Americans still believe.

But it also risks stirring a little outrage by exploiting a national tragedy that inspires powerful feelings in people who weren’t even alive in 1963.

It’s certainly thorough.

From the clip, here’s Magneto standing on the grassy knoll and using his mutant powers to manipulate the infamous “single bullet” that killed Kennedy:

There’s also a “Bent Bullet” website complete with this “article” detailing why one Erik Lehnsherr had to kill JFK in order to protect all mutants, et cetera.

We have to say this is a pretty creative campaign stunt. The movie doesn’t open until May, but we already feel like fanboys.

Also: More Michael Fassbender in everything, please. Thanks.

(H/T to Rich Leigh for making us aware)

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