Here’s How To Manage Your @MagicRecs Recommendations

To help keep users ever more in-the-know, Twitter recently rolled out mobile notifications that provide personalized recommendations for accounts to follow and tweets to check out. The new builds on super-popular Twitter account @MagicRecs, which started as an experimental project and has now reached full-fledged cult status by sending instant, personalized recommendations for users via DM.

Now, reports Mashable, thanks to @MagicRecs’ runaway success, users can manage the recommendations Twitter sends their way.

To start receiving recommendations, all you have to do is follow the @MagicRecs account. If you want to stop receiving recommendations, just unfollow.

New interactions with @MagicRecs via DM include:

– “Hi”, “hello”, or “hey” will prompt @MagicRecs to respond with a greeting.

– “Help” will return a DM list of available actions.

– “Tweets on/off” will turn on or off recommendations for specific tweets the bot thinks you may find interesting.

– “Users on/off” will enable or disable @MagicRecs from sending you recommendations of users it thinks you will enjoy following.

– “Good” tells @MagicRecs that you like the recommendations it’s sending.

– “Bad” tells @MagicRecs that you do not enjoy your personalized recommendations.

Note that the interactions only work via DM, not tweet.

(Source: Mashable. Magic lamp image via Shutterstock.)

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