Hey Ladies! ‘Magic Mike’ Is Trying to Woo You With Stripper Moves

There’s a male stripper movie coming out today called Magic Mike. Oh you’ve heard? Because Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and the werewolf from True Blood have each been on every TV show in existence to show off their sexy dancing? That’s a fact.

The movie is banking on female appeal to win at the box office this weekend, and so far the strategy seems to be a sound one. Fandango reported earlier this week that ticket sales are going gangbusters. The movie made $2.1 million at midnight showings last night.

And according to a Fandango survey of 1,000 people, 82 percent of respondents (gender not specified) are planning to see it this weekend and 87 percent are planning to see it with a group of women. So it’s not just a couple of tickets, but big whooping groups of ladies who want to see sweaty beefcakes take off as much at that R rating will allow.

The Hollywood Reporter is likening the movie’s prospects to those of Sex & the City, which was also a success because hordes of stiletto-wearing Carrie wannabes drunk on stiff Cosmopolitans flocked to the theater.

And it’s not just the ladies that Magic Mike is targeting. The film’s marketing campaign also included gay pride promos in six cities.

Warner Bros. president of worldwide marketing Sue Kroll says the film is being aided by 50 Shades of Grey, which has already turned up the heat on sexier forms of female entertainment.

If you’re without plans before the big July 4th holiday, you know what to do gals. Call your friend, put some Pinot Grigio in a flask at the bottom of your purse, and head to the movies where you can see hot guys with most of their clothes off and you don’t even have to tip.