MAG Interactive’s Ruzzle Adventure comes to Google Play


After a successful launch on iOS, Ruzzle creator MAG Interactive has announced the launch of Ruzzle Adventure on Google Play for Android devices. The game passed one million downloads within its first three days on iOS, and challenges players to complete levels by creating words with randomized letter tiles on the board.

Levels come in a few major types, which gives variety to the experience. One, for instance, may simply require gamers to earn a large number of points, while another may include stone squares or wooden blocks that must be removed before clearing the level. These stages are casual experiences, while water levels see gamers racing to make any word they possibly can to escape the water rising from the bottom of the screen.

“The reception of Ruzzle Adventure has been truly amazing,” said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive. “We are so glad that our fans are enjoying this new Ruzzle experience and with the expansion to Android, we are making the game more accessible to them than ever before. We know from the success of Ruzzle that the Android community is passionate about its puzzle word games and Ruzzle Adventure is sure to provide every Ruzzler hours upon hours of frenzied word finding excitement.”

Ruzzle Adventure offers over 150 levels, and supports score sharing with friends via the game’s leaderboards, or Facebook and Twitter. Available in 12 languages, Ruzzle Adventure can now be downloaded for free on Google Play.