Mafia Wars Expansion – Welcome to Mother Russia

mafia wars moscowZynga’s Mafia Wars has been the most dominant RPG within the social space for many months. But this summer, it has been beaten out, on Facebook, by other games — specifically, Zynga’s hit farming game Farmville. However, the game is still growing fast, with nearly 30 million users as of today. And now Zynga is starting to push it as a franchise, releasing a new expansion called Mafia Wars: Moscow, tomorrow.

As far as we can tell, the core game play is just the same as it has always been: Players level up, fight others, complete missions, and buy gear to make their mobster stronger. However, the game does come with a new Russian look, and according to Senior Product Manager David Kahn in comments to, Mafia Wars: Moscow “will be much harder than other expansions we released before, more geared to higher level players, level 70-plus.”

In line with the new look and feel, players are already offered with a brand new choice for game play as well. Just as when a new user chooses what sort of mobster they want to be, a newcomer to Moscow must decide whom they will fight for. From what we know, the two sides are either the older, more traditional Russian mob, the Vory v Zakone or the ex KGB/military group, the Mafiya. While little can be said about the details of these two factions as of yet, there will be different rewards from missions based on whom the player chooses.

moscow itemsSpeaking of new rewards, the game will also have a new set of weapons and munitions for players’ syndicated wars, with over 50 new Russian weapons and items ranging from the Автомат Калашникова 47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova 47) or the AK-47 to other well-known Russian exports such as the nesting dolls. In additions to this, Zynga has also said that the new expansion will contain six new achievements, five new businesses, and six new collections.

Of course, to earn all of this players may have to complete the new missions as well, which will also be a little bit different. This time around, missions will be divided into chapters. However, each chapter ends with a boss, and the following one cannot be viewed until said baddie is defeated.

Why the Moscow theme? Not just because of the increasingly popularized image of the Russian mob in action movies and the media. Zynga actually asked its players where they wanted the next theme to be, and the Russian capital was their answer, Kahn said in the interview.

Also slated for development are two other Mafia Wars expansions for Asia and the Western United States — also user picks. Unfortunately, anything beyond that is currently unknown. In the meantime, Mafia Wars: Moscow will be available on September 24th.

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