Madonna’s Icy On The Cake


On the rare occasions that we’re not reading, and on some that we are, we’re listening to music. Usually the same album over and over and over again until we get so sick of it that we can never listen to it ever again, which is what–tragically–happened with My Prerogative. And that is what we’re doing right now with Confessions on a Dance Floor. Which, as much as we’re focusing on the outright awesomeness that is Hung Up, made us think about the cover design. Given that yesterday we were looking at the worst covers ever. We like Confessions. It’s shiny. So we tried to find whoever was responsible, and found an interview with the designers from Pixelway nyc, who were given Steven Meisel’s photographs by the art director Giovanni Bianco, and had to process them to make them easily reproducible and in keeping with the whole return-to-disco thing.

It’s interesting although at times slightly linguistically confused (see above), but then again so are the album lyrics. “If you can’t stand the heat, get off my street. Get off my street. Get off my street. Get off my street. Get off my street. Get off my street.”

And repeat.