Macklemore Makes Sense as the Spokesperson for the ACLU. Until He Doesn’t.

This PSA is problematic.

The ACLU wants you to become a member. And what better way to build that following than to get a famous spokesperson? And when you’re looking for a spokesperson, you want someone who is recognizable and is actually into the thing they’re talking up.

So it seemed to follow a logical train of thought when the ACLU decided to go with Macklemore as the face of their ACLU membership card. His songs have addressed equality for the gay community. He’s hip. All the youths recognize him. He’s sensitive but kind of goofy, as evidenced by his MTV Awards custom cape and his funny handling of crying babies while accepting a prize at the YouTube Awards.

But even things that follow logic can still end up being a bit of a train wreck.

The  problem, in part, is the delivery. You have to be funny on the level of a Bill Hader or Maya Rudolph or Will Ferrell to make people chuckle at being beaten with a club.

But then he starts sounding off about women being able to control their vaginas and same-sex couples “marrying the hell out of each other” because they’re card-carrying ACLU members and it goes into nonsense territory.

But we like freedom and we can appreciate someone trying to do a good deed. So thumbs up. And if you sign on with the group, you could win a trip to Seattle to see Macklemore perform. Maybe he’ll wear that cape again.

The ACLU could’ve gone the route of Nespresso with their new spokesperson Matt Damon. According to the New York Post, Damon, who very rarely accepts these sorts of gigs, took in $3 million for a 20-second ad with his friend George Clooney. An ad in which he says two words then laughs (in disbelief! Acting!). But he’s so well-liked and respected and dreamy, that’s all you need.

Maybe if Macklemore said less and wore this Cowardly Tiger thrift store coat, the PSA would’ve been better?

[h/t Jezebel]