Machismo in retrograde: First gay cowboys; now, lads in tutus…

3260.jpgYesterday, “Brokeback Mountain” took home all the hardware at the Golden Globes – today, “Billy Elliot” is leading the nominations for this year’s Laurence Olivier Awards, which honor the best in London theater.

The show is up for nine awards at the February 26 gala, including best actor in a musical – a nomination shared by James Lomas, George Maguire and Liam Mower.

(We can only wonder how Larry David might react to the news. “You like those ballet dancers, don’t you? They’re kind of cute. Go ahead, admit it, they’re cute. You can’t fool me, ballerina-man. Go ahead, stop fighting it. You’re a ballet lover! You love men in tights!”)

Given all of this, we also marvel at the cruelty of fate: Timing is everything, and clearly, here is one documentary that arrived too soon.