Mac App Store Hits 1 Million Downloads And Faces Piracy Issues

Apple’s new Mac App Store had a million downloads in its first day. The App Store, which launched yesterday, already has more than 1,000 apps available including games, music and book apps.

The Mac App Store can be installed on any Mac computer running OS X Snow Leopard and can be installed as a software update.

While the App Store is off to a good start, there is concern that the new store will make pirating apps easier. The apps in the App Store are protected by DRM, hackers have already been finding ways to get around the protection.

CNET reports: “With the Mac App Store hack, a person copies three files–digital receipts–from a freely downloaded application such as Twitter to another app such as Angry Birds that otherwise would have to be purchased before it runs. That second app essentially uses the free app’s authorization. Of course, a bootleg copy of the second app must first be obtained, but that’s rarely proved an obstacle in for those evading copy protection technology. Others reported that another game, The Incident, also could be copied in the same way.”

The problem is still being investigated, but according to CNET, the problem may lie in the software development of the app and not in the App Store. So as you design your eBook apps for the new store, keep this in mind.