Lumus Introduces Smart, Wearable Glass Technology to Rival Google

There are very few, if any, competitor to Google Glass, but that’s hopefully changing this coming year. To get us started, Lumus is introducing its smart glasses, a chunkier eyewear with computer enhanced lens that overlays graphics over the right lens, giving the wearer a 640×480 pixel display, unlike Google’s peripherally projected images. Lumus also comes with a 5 megapixel camera and a motion sensor.

They’re not the most stylish wearable computer out there, but Google Glass also looked a bit chunky at first. Lumu first showcased its prototype in March of 2012, and this current design is a huge improvement. It still takes design cues from Google Glass, but it’s not much worse. 

About the developer kit: 

Lumus has developed a fully comprehensive wireless, stand alone dev kit: the DK-40. The monocular system consists of a small form-factor VGA resolution optical engine providing a 25° FoV, onboard OMAP processor running Android, embedded 9DoF motion sensor, 5MP camera. Enabling direct image overlay over the wearer’s main line-of-sigh, coupled with the motion sensors and camera, the DK-40 enables True Augmented Reality capability. Additionally, the unit comes with an SDK to program the onboard AP and a client program that enables an Android phone to serve as a wireless remote control and mobile network back channel.
With a socially aesthetic look, light weight and ergonomic comfort, the DK-40 enables maximum wearability and provides both OEMs and select developers with an ideal platform for Wearable Computing and AR.

Lumus is presenting its eyewear at CES in January of 2014.