How Lumiary Powers Small Business Growth

Outerwear company Poler was looking for a way to optimize and streamline its social media efforts.The result was a ten-fold boost in sales.



Social media has become an important part of many small business strategies. In many cases, the challenge with using social to help grow a business and engage with consumers are the same for small businesses as they are for larger businesses. Developing and distributing content can be time consuming, and tracking the results can be complicated.

This was exactly the challenge facing the team at Poler Outdoor Stuff, which makes outerwear for the everyday adventurer. According to online marketing director Drew Dayberry, they had more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and a great community on Facebook, but they needed to be able to schedule posts and track the results of their social media campaigns.

There are, of course, a lot of social media management tools. Dayberry says they chose Lumiary for the price and the integration with Shopify, which Poler uses as its online shopping cart. This last part was really important, because most of the tools the Poler team saw didn’t link into the sales software.

With Lumiary, the lean Poler staff can schedule posts, track engagement and sales, and optimize their posts based on which ones perform best. Dayberry says it’s gratifying to be able to show the executive team the result of their social media efforts.

“After two weeks, we could see which posts were selling and which were just noise,” he says. “And I can go to my boss with a pretty graph of what we’ve done this week, rather than trying to have them decipher Google Analytics.”

Since starting to use Lumiary, Dayberry says that Poler sales have increased ten-fold in the last six months. Sales through Facebook have grown more than 20 percent. “And Tumblr has turned into a money-maker,” he says.

Indeed, Poler has grown its Tumblr audience to more than 200,000, much like its Instagram following. While the Instagram and Tumblr communities are much bigger, the Facebook community is more engaged and results in a lot of repeat customers.

Ultimately, Dayberry says Lumiary enables the small team at Poler to maximize the power of social media, with demonstrable results.

“Social media is our bread and butter,” he says.

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