Luke Thompson: The Colossus of Comic-Con


Luke Thompson, the tri-colored wizard of the OC Weekly, writes about the color of Comic-Con and gets a Todd Nauck- drawn cover, to boot. He had such a good time:

It’s 1:30 a.m. late Friday night/early Saturday morning, and I’m lying on a sheet of cardboard in the back of a minivan headed God-knows-where amid sliding packages of toys, many of them mine that I’ve hauled around all day in addition to the laptop slowly gnawing its way down into my shoulder.

Janine Kahn played Boswell, and followed the geeky trail. She seems to have had fun:

I hop aboard a pedicab driven by a college boy from Russia. He pedals his furry white legs off, and I almost feel guilty for the burger I wolfed down for breakfast.

This was art director Joey Santos’ last cover for the OC Weekly–he’s joined the LA Times. Bet he won’t have as much fun there.