Ludei announces new HTML5 game engine CAAT

HTML5 platform maker and developer Ludei has announced its new HTML5-based engine, the CAAT — short for Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit. The open-source engine offers developers pre-designed pieces of code allowing for faster game development process.

Created by Ludei CTO Ibon Tolosana, CAAT is JavaScript based, and works with Canvas, CSS and WebGL, and is designed to provide developers with a complete gaming framework, providing suport for custom matrix stacks, complex paths, assignable behaviors, and Box2d integration.

According to a statement from Ludei President Joe Monsatiero the new engine completes the first version of the company’s platform, alongside CocoonJS, its solution for launching and monetizing HTML5 games on mobile devices.

The new engine has already been used to deploy several games including Ludei’s own Sumon, availble now on iOS and Android app stores as well as the Chrome store and Facebook. Developers can find more information by going to Ludei’s official website. Ludei will be showing off the new engine at this week’s Casual Connect conference in Seattle.