The “Love And Hate” Constellations Of New York’s Tweeters [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Yorkers are sure a tweet-happy bunch, and their 140 character messages paint a beautiful picture of their city’s loves and hates.

IDV Solutions sampled an army of tweets from New Yorkers over the period of several weeks, all of which included either “love” or “hate” somewhere in the text. They chose only tweets that were geo-tagged with each tweeter’s location, so they could plot them on a map of the city.

Take a look at the beautiful constellation of love and hate across this world-class island:

The first thing you’ll notice is the predominance of fuchsia on the map – love outweighs hate by about 75 percent.

New Yorkers are really not as miserable as they would have us think!

Examining the love/hate map of New York a bit more closely, User Experience and Mapping Manager at IDV Solutions John Nelson found that clusters of love are much more defined than those of hate – but that hateful tweets often appear along high-traffic corridors.

And if you zoom in on certain parts of the map, you can see New Yorkers’ attitudes towards the different parts of their city.

The tweets coming from Broadway, for instance, are generally positive, indicating tourists and locals alike love a good show.

But La Guardia doesn’t fare as well. People are generally down on the much-trafficked airport, tweeting “hate” much more often than “love” (but who can blame them – flying can be tiresome!).

Nelson explains that IDV is trying to map tweets not just geographically, but emotionally as well, to paint a more nuanced picture of the way people use social media to express themselves.

(Constellations of Love & Hate In New York City infographic courtesy of IDV; Love and hate image via Shutterstock)