Looks like Maemo (Linux) is Nokia’s New Flagship Phone Platform: S60 Moves Down a Notch

I was puzzled after reading this VentureBeat subject line…

Nokia to invade U.S. market – will launch new phone with AT&T

Nokia introduced their E71x to the U.S. through AT&T earlier this year. And, since when does a single phone constitute an invasion? Well, one phone may not make an invasion. But, I understand VentureBeat’s interest in what Nokia and AT&T are partnering around: The Maemo-based N900.

Nokia hasn’t been able to get any of their previous flagship Symbian S60 based N90 series phones to be sold through any of the major mobile carriers in the U.S. This includes the N97 introduced earlier this year. So, it is quite a big deal for Nokia to get what is apparently its new flagship phone model and platform sold through AT&T in the U.S.

So, it looks like Symbian’s S60 will be a mid-range platform for Nokia going forward while Maemo (a Linux based operating system) will be the flagship platform.