Lookout Mobile Security: Free Android App Protects Against DroidDream Lite Malware

Part of Android’s rapid rise in marketshare has been attributed to the large number of hardware partners and device models. In these two aspects, Android resembles Microsoft Windows with its large number of hardware partners, device models and marketshare. Unfortunately, Android has also developed one more thing in common with Windows: The attention of malware developers.

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May 30, 2011 (Lookout Mobile Security): Update: Security Alert: DroidDreamLight, New Malware from the Developers of DroidDream

Lookout Inc.’s Lookout Mobile Security app was recently updated and claims to protect Android users against the newly found DroidDream Light malware. It also provides a “Find My Phone” capability and securely backup your contacts data in the cloud at their myLookout.com site. They app is free with a paid optional update that adds features like remote wipe. You can find the free app at:

Lookout Mobile Security