Looking for Windows Phone Apps? Check Out the Weekly Pinworthy List on Microsoft Windows Phone Blog

Wading through Windows Phone apps is an ever worse experience than the awful Android Market.

1. Microsoft has a confused web story. Its web Windows Phone Marketplace at


is actually for Windows Mobile and not Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 apps are discussed here:


However, you really need to install the Zune software on your PC (Windows only) if you want to shop for apps away from your phone (and with a big display).

2. The Marketplace app on the phone itself is terrible. Searching in this app results in a mish mash of apps, songs, and other media that are presented in an unsorted form that makes finding the apps very difficult.

3. The $400 million that Microsoft was said (unsubstantiated) to have budgeted for Windows Phone 7 marketing is nowhere to be seen after the initial space of ads in November. We don’t see apps pushed at us the way Apple promotes apps in their TV ads and iTunes App Store.

Fortunately, there is one bright spot in an otherwise low-key Windows Phone marketing effort. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blog provides a weekly app highlights feature named “Pinworthy” (as in worthy to pin an app to the home page).

Pinworthy 3: This week’s Marketplace highlights

This week’s app list includes:
1. Top 100 Speeches (free)
2. Art Museum ($0.99)
3. Akiak [game] (free)
4. Media Buddy [Media Center utility] ($3.99)
5. Pro Sports Scores (free)