Look Out for Blio, the Next Big Thing in eBooks, Maybe

Right now, Twitterbnt_small.jpg is abuzz about Blio, a new eBook platform developed in partnership with Baker & Taylor that may be big news come January, when it’s unveiled on January 7 at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Blogger Mike Shatzkin wrote a lengthy post about Blio this morning, in which he expresses surprise that this new tech is coming from Baker & Taylor, and also gives a sketchy outline of the specs on the platform.

According to Shatzkin, “Blio is a software client that can work on ‘any device with an operating system’, which means computers and iPhones, but not Kindles. Based only on the demo we saw from Baker & Taylor Senior VP Linda Gagnon last week…the presentation is the best I’ve ever seen. The type is crisp and sharp, it has full multiple-media functionality (video, graphics, TTV, links to the web), and it does tricks, my favorite of which is that you can see (on a PC screen) many pages at a time dealt out like a deck of cards. Then you find the ones you want and hone in on them. There are many ways to use that capability, particularly for an illustrated how-to book or a textbook.”

Sounds pretty exciting. On Twitter, Vook and others are asking around for technical details. Do you know anything?