Interview: Loic Le Meur Launches Web Video Series On How To Build Your Own Brand

Loic Le Meur, French entrepreneur, blogger and founder of Seesmic and the LeWeb Conference, is sharing his knowledge of building brands online with the world through a new 30-day web series on YouTube. In Loic’s ‘Build Your Own Brand’ series, he shares the knowledge he has gleaned over the years, giving social networking presentations around the world. Five episodes have been released so far, including everything from setting up your social networking accounts to the types of content you should share and how to update your networks.

I had the opportunity to ask Loic a few questions about his ‘Build Your Own Brand’ series on YouTube. Check out his introduction video and then read about what he had to say about the project below.

Social Times: What inspired you to put this series together?

Loic Le Meur: I gave my keynote on how brands should use social networking around the World (San Francisco at AdTech, Tokyo, Paris) and I have received so much questions that I thought I would answer them all in a series which would start from scratch. It is not aimed at experts but anyone who wants to build his own brand (personal or corporate) and doesn’t really know where to start. I wanted something I could point everybody asking me questions to, now I can point them to

ST: Do you have any goals for the series, in terms of views or anything else?

Loic: One of the basics of success online is to help others. That series is helping anyone who would like to really understand social networking and that’s my primary goal. It is also an experiment with the format 1 to 3 minutes videos posted daily instead of a few long ones. I am amazed by the traction we got in a few days: more than 20,000 views and it got featured on the home page of and we received hundreds of comments and mentions on Twitter and Facebook. People seem to really like the series.

ST: What can we expect from upcoming videos?

Loic: I am covering all basics of social networking (Facebook Pages, Blogging, tools….) and the latest trends (location, social commerce) one by one. You can also expect that we continue the series with another “season” given the traction it is getting. The space is changing daily, see how Facebook just launched Facebook places, so there is room for a long-term series. I also asked volunteers to help translating subtitles and we already have like 30 people helping! It’s very cool!

After watching the first episodes of ‘Build Your Own Brand’ I am certain that the series will be an invaluable resource for people who want to learn a thing or two about how “to not suck at social media”, as the tagline on the series website reads. Have you watched any of the videos yet? What do you think about the series?