Locate Friends using your mobile devices, tag them on their Facebook profiles through FindMe

findmelogo.pngIf you want your friends, family and colleagues to know where you currently are without requiring them to use GPS navigation devices, you can now share your location to them with FindMe’s new location sharing service. FindMe’s location sharing services uses cell towers to track locations. Unlike GPS navigation devices which broadcast geographic location information, FindMe only broadcast the names of your locations as well as the locations of your friends. So, both of you can pretty much control on where and how you want to be located.

To specify which locations FindMe will include in locating you or your friends, you can tag them in your Facebook profiles. You can tag as many places as you want in your Facebook profile. Your friends would know when and how you can be located through the tags that you would indicate in your Facebook profile.

After tagging locations, you can proceed with sharing them automatically and securely through your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices. It will then be broadcasted to your friends’ mobile devices.

The FindMe currently works with GSM Windows Mobile smartphones and all CDMA and GSM Blackberry devices, more particularly the Pearl and Curve models. If your mobile phone is not among those listed, then it’s probably time to upgrade.

FindMe can also be used to organize impromptu get-togethers with your friends. The service offers additional location information and even a map or direction to your friends’ current location.

To start using FindMe, install the application to your Facebook profile and start tagging locations that you frequently visit to let your friends know where they could find you. But if I were you, I won’t tag to many locations especially if you have some friends who tend to be annoying sometimes.