Localicious Bucks The iPhone First Trend

Localicious is yet another local discovery app, but what has caught my attention is the fact that it is launching first on Android rather than iPhone. During the last several years mobile app developers have been writing their apps first for the iPhone, and then later come out with an Android version. Some developers, like Instagram, have never created an Android version.

According to GigaOm, a reason why WhitePages is releasing Localicious first is Android’s location services that enable the company to achieve its advertising goals. WhitePages plans to make money with Localicious by having advertisers pay for each check-in that a user makes in their store. WhitePages is also keeping track of the advertisements a user sees and whether they visit the sites associated with the ads, thereby showing advertisers the direct results of buying ads for the app.

Another interesting attribute of Localicious is its integration with Foursquare. You can configure Localicious to automatically check you in on Foursquare when you arrive at the location, and the app displays the Foursquare tips and reviews for the location. Localicious also provides direct links to call the location, view the location on a map, add the location’s address to your contacts, share the location via e-mail and SMS, and open the location’s web site.

Localicious is free and available now in the Android Market.