Local Charities Should Reach Out To Twitter For Promoted Tweets

Twitter may get tax breaks from the city of San Francisco for giving charitable contributions to local organizations – and one form those contributions can take is promoted tweets.

Twitter can also volunteer (among other things), but we think local charities will be interested hearing about how they can get the most bang for Twitter’s buck.

According to CNBC, “[Twitter’s] tax deal . . . exempts approved companies located in the North of Market/Tenderloin Community in the city from the local 1.5 percent payroll tax on employees that are hired once the company moves into the neighborhood.”

According to the contract, Twitter will offer $60,000 worth of credit in the form of promoted tweets—a form of advertisement on Twitter’s platform— to nonprofits in the neighborhood and has committed to purchasing a minimum of $200,000 worth of goods and services from local businesses.

The social media company has also agreed to donate no less than $50,000 worth of computers and other IT equipment to local schools and nonprofits, offer pro bono legal assistance neighborhood residents and participate in other local volunteer programs.

So if you’re part of (or know of) a San Francisco charity who could use a little marketing boost – and who couldn’t? – tell them to reach out to Twitter with a great pitch and see what shakes out.

And let us know how it goes!

(Charity image from Shutterstock)