Local on the Go: View Your News, Sports and Weather in One App on iOS

local on the go 650

Mobile media company LSN Mobile has announced the launch of its Local on the Go local news app on iOS devices. The app allows users to aggregate weather, sports and local news stories into a single, customizable newsfeed, with support for more than 200 cities around the US. Once users download the app and choose their city, they can customize their news feed to show their favorite sports first, for instance.

In cases where a user’s current city isn’t supported for news content, the app still presents weather information for that city, as well as daily horoscope listings. Users can manually track other cities, regardless of location, and can swipe between cities to view each one’s specific content.

Once users have an active city in their portfolio, they can drag and drop specific news sources to prioritize them in their news view. That is, if someone likes their local NBC affiliate better than ABC, they can drag NBC to the top of the list to give it priority. From there, NBC would be viewed first under the city’s news section, but users can swipe right and left to switch between sources. Alerts can also be set for those favorite outlets.

Similarly, users can reorder the app’s sports listings to move their favorite sports to the top of the list. This includes support for both college-level sports, like football and basketball, as well as professional teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and so on.

“Not only do consumers have a strong emotional connection to their communities, but they rely on local information to decide what to wear each day, to check the scores of their favorite teams or to plan what to do for the weekend,” said Louis Gump, CEO of LSN Mobile. “LSN Mobile’s deep history in local media enables us to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive set of information available, and our history in mobile allows us to package it in a way that is intuitive and easy to use. Our goal with Local on the Go is to provide a valuable service to consumers so they can better navigate their daily lives.”

Local on the Go is available for free on iOS devices.