Local Mobile TV Channels Raise Concerns

MocoNews has a report on how local television stations could soon run headlong into competition from the wireless carriers.

At the National Association of Broadcasters meeting in Las Vegas on Monday, the Open Mobile Video Coalition announced that they were losing no time with mobile TV, and hoped to choose a standard by February 2009, the report said. Perhaps not coincidentally, that’s the same time they are required to make the switch from analog TV to digital. “This would allow them them to launch broadcast digital TV to mobile devices by late 2009, and to open up the local mobile ad TV market which they claim is worth $2 billion.”

At the same time, the service that local stations would offer would also bypass the wireless networks, the report said, which have already begun offering their own subscription television services. “First, will operators want a competing TV service… on handsets they subsidize? Second, local broadcaster services will be ad-sponsored, or free for the viewer. How will this sit next to an operator’s paid service,” such as Verizon’s $15-per-month V CAST Mobile TV offering.