Local Man Writes Story

From time-to-time, as Fishbowl scours the web, print, and TV for interesting items, we come across a things that, while interesting, just baffle us:

For instance, we’re not entirely sure about what prompted this story in the Washington Post today, but it certainly does a good job of getting to the heart of the story about how many newspapers refer to local men as, well, local and, often, male.

He defines the subject as:

Local Man is newspaper shorthand for somebody who lives nearby and has done something noteworthy but isn’t famous enough to identify by name in a headline. Local Man comes from all walks of life. He comes in all shapes and sizes. He is the common man, the man on the street, the salt of the earth. Local Man is everyman. He is us.

It should be made clear here, though, that Local Man is by definition ordinary and average. He is different from the super, spider, or burning variety of man.

Author Peter Carlson also briefly examined the phenomenon of local women, but left aside all of the controversy surrounding local children and the knock-down-drag-out fight that happens almost daily in newsrooms where Fishbowl grew up, local cows.

Having read today’s first installment start-to-finish, we can’t wait for tomorrow’s follow-up article.

(Photo Caption: Today’s Washington Post Hero — Mr. Guy)