Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown: We’re great, just ask us!

Give Lloyd Grove a pat on the back! Or just let him do it for you. In today’s Lowdown, Lloyd puffs up with pride over his many celebrated scoops, including (but, we’re sure, not limited to) the Sachs-Burns-Filkins Baghdad kerfuffle; the news that ET and the now-repentant Pat O’Brien-helmed “The Insider” paid over $800,000 to convicted child molester (and incurable romantic) Mary Kay Letourneau and child-bride Vili Fualaau for their wedding exclusive; the heartless eviction of the Alistair Cooke‘s 92-year-old widow; and Mary-Kate Olsen‘s supersized smoke break in the loo during the fancy-pants Met Costume Institute Gala; that…

Wait a second. That’s four. Doesn’t this column run every day?

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST [Lowdown (final item)]

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