Group Social Coupons Service LivingSocial Deals Begins UK Expansion in London

LivingSocial Deals, the group coupon arm of LivingSocial, just expanded their services to the United Kingdom by opening in London today. The company is set to go live in other major UK metropolitan areas, such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, as well as dozens of other global markets in the coming year.

We’ve written previously about LivingSocial Deals and its main rival, Groupon — the former company got its start building Facebook apps, and continues to rely on Facebook friend connections to help users share group deals with their friends. In April we reported that LivingSocial had raised millions, $49 million total to date, in order to expand its Deals service. This is LivingSocial’s first international market, whereas Groupon has already opened in Canada and many other countries around the world.

Essentially both companies provide similar services, in that they offer the users of their service special geographic-specific deals and incentives to get their friends to also purchase the deal. In LivingSocial’s case the user may get the deal free if they can cajole three of their friends into also buying it. While LivingSocial Deals home base has been Facebook, it is also available on Twitter and mobile devices.

These deals often include restaurant deals, but also services such as discounted spa treatments and activities such as golfing specials. London’s addition to LivingSocial makes it the twenty-seventh city to provide the company’s Deals.

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