LivingSocial Rolls out Hyperlocal Deals in DC, NYC Neighborhoods

living-social LivingSocial is one of a handful of major daily deals providers fighting for dominance in the group coupons/local deals space – and they’ve just added a new tool to their arsenal to try to beat out the competition. While they have had a presence in over 20 major cities for several months now, LivingSocial has just announced their new hyperlocal deals targeting not cities but neighborhoods. These deals are even more location-specific than others. Read below the jump to see if you are in one of the first neighborhoods to get your very own daily deals.

LivingSocial is targeting neighborhoods in the Washington, D.C. area and New York city. Specifically, residents of The District, Montgomery County and Northern Virginia in the D.C. area and those living in Uptown, Midtown, Downtown and Brooklyn New York can now enjoy deep discounts on restaurants, bakeries, cafes and other (extremely) local shops.

CEO and co-founder of LivingSocial Tim O’Shaughnessy says of these new hyperlocal deals:

“The new localized Deals program will bring more relevant offers to users, providing savings on their favorite neighborhood restaurants, bars, spas and shops. We’re particularly excited to launch this program in our hometown of Washington, D.C., and in New York City, where we know that if you live in Tribeca, sometimes the Upper West Side might as well be in another state.”

Users of the LivingSocial discount service living in the NYC and D.C. neighborhoods can choose to see the daily deal for their immediate area or the larger deal for the entire city. This means that they can choose from two daily deals instead of one.

LivingSocial currently has a userbase of 85 million people, and a presence in over 25 markets in 3 countries. These new hyperlocal deals are likely an attempt to reach people in areas that are highly populated, offering them closer, and more convenient, discounts. This could propel LivingSocial’s reach to over 100 million users over the coming months as it is rolled out in other markets.

In direct competition with heavyweight group buying services like Groupon, time will tell whether the hyperlocal model that LivingSocial is adopting will catch on among its competitors.